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Bulgarian Jurnal of Animal Husbandry   ISSN 0514-7441
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Physico-Chemical Composition of Colostrum of Buffaloes from the Bulgarian Murrah Breed
Alexander Valchkov, Iliana Nacheva, Kamelia Loginovska
Abstract: The physico-chemical composition of pooled buffalos colostrum samples is compared with literature data with the physico-chemical composition of samples buffalo milk and colostrum from buffaloes, goats and cows to determine if a suitable raw material for the development of a functional bio-product. The content of total protein (8.09%), milk fat (9.12%), dry matter (27.8%) and dry non-fat residue (18.68%) is higher than that of samples goat colostrum and buffalo milk, which shows, it has a higher biological and nutritional value regarding of protein and lipid content. The titratable acidity (21 °T) is similar to that established by the BSS for buffalo milk first and second quality. The active acidity (pH) (6.04) is lower than that of buffalo milk. The tested colostrum has a low energy value (131.597 kcal/549.3 kJ /), mainly due to the low lactose content (3.32%).
Keywords: buffalo colostrum; milk fat; physicochemical composition; total protein
Date published: 2019-09-19
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