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Bulgarian Jurnal of Animal Husbandry   ISSN 0514-7441
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Exterior indicators and milk productivity of ewes of Assaf breed bred in the Republic of Moldova
Petr Lyutskanov, Oleg Mashner, Andrei Tsurkan
Abstract: The aim of the research was to study, in the natural and climatic conditions of the Republic of
Moldova, local reproduction at ewes of general development in terms of physique indices, in terms of
milk productivity, the study of measurements of the udder and the influence of the lactation number
of ewes on milk production in the suckling, milking periods and in general for lactation, as well as the
chemical composition of milk. For full lactation, 456.38 liters of milk were obtained from ewes of the
third lactation, or by 60.58 liters more in comparison with ewes of the first lactation and 30.45 liters
with ewes of the second lactation. Indicators for the chemical composition of milk at ewes of the third
lactation are higher in relation to ewes of the first and second lactations.
Keywords: body indexes; body measurements; chemical composition of milk; ewes; lactation; milk productivity
Date published: 2022-11-02
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