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Bulgarian Jurnal of Animal Husbandry   ISSN 0514-7441
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Evaluation of the fatty acid composition of whey based lactic acid beverages
Petya Metodieva, Nikolay Solakov, Maria Doneva
Abstract: Whey is a milk serum that is produced as a waste product in the production of cheese, yellow cheese and yoghurt. It is characterized by valuable biological nutritional qualities because of its soluble milk proteins, milk sugar, mineral substances, trace elements and vitamins. Due to the high absorption of the biologically active components contained in the whey, the interest in its use as a protein supplement in patients with specific diseases, athletes, young children and the elderly is constantly increasing. Various whey-based products are known which use separate ingredients. The aim of the present study is to develop a technology for complex utilization of the skeletal components. A formula for a whey-based lactic acid beverage has been developed. Sour whey is enriched with fructal concentrate of Henomeles (Chaenomeles speciosa Nivalis) and hydrocolloid. Biochemical studies have been carried out on the fatty acid composition of the raw material and the resulting lactic acid product, which establishes that the technological processing through which the raw material - pasteurisation and lactic acid fermentation passes- does not change the fatty acid composition.
Keywords: fatty acid composition; lactic acid fermentation; whey
Date published: 2019-09-19
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