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Economic analysis of production results from raising North- East Bulgarian merino sheep Shumen type
Stanimira Slavova, Genoveva Staykova, Todor Tsonev
Abstract: The aim of the present research was to estimate some economic indicators of raising sheep of the
North-East Bulgarian merino breed (Shumen type). Study was conducted at the sheep farm of the
Research Agriculture Center – Targovishte for the period from 2018 to 2020. The production system
applied at the farm was semi-intensive, with stall-pasture regime. The annual repair of the flock was
20%, breeding animals being of own production. Conception rate of females was about 92%, and
prolificacy varied from 70 to 90% on average for the study period. Most of the feeds were produced
at the farm and valued at cost, and only part of them were purchased at market prices. The farm is
a member of the „Association for breeding of thin-wool sheep”, which performs selection control
of the animals in the flock. Data were provided by the accounting department of the enterprise and
processed using mathematical-statistical model and computer program Excel. Therefore, revenues
from sales and subsidies, production costs, profit and profitability were calculated. It was found that
the sheep farm generated financial loss, based on the difference between revenues from sales and total
costs, and the positive annual value of the profit and profitability was due to the received subsidies.
Efforts need to be focused on increasing animal performance, reducing costs per ewe and using all
available opportunities to receive subsidies by the state.
Keywords: costs; North-East Bulgarian merino sheep; profit; profitability; revenues
Date published: 2022-11-02
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