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Effect of the addition of activated charcoal on the nutrient digestibility in fattening pigs
Danail Kanev, Radka Nedeva, Gergana Yordanova, Apostol Apostolov, Radena Nenova
Abstract: A physiological experiment for determining nutrient digestibility with three groups was carried
out, each group with 3 male castrated pigs (58.333–58.667 kg live weight). The pigs were positioned
in specialized cages for a 6-day preparatory and a 5-day report period. The animals from the separate
groups were fed with the same compound feed, with added supplement Carbovet (activated charcoal)
to the rations of second and third groups. The dosage was 5 and 10 g per day per animal, respectively.
The pigs were fed twice a day – receiving 1.8 kg feed per animal per day. Feaces were collected twice
a day. The addition of Carbovet in compound feeds for fattening pigs (5 and 10 g per day per animal)
decreased the digestibility coefficients of crude fats with 16.11 (p = 0.080) and 20.05% (p = 0.039); and
for phosphorus with 10.43 (p = 0.044) and 6.66% (p = 0.157), respectively. Correlation coefficients and
determination coefficients in crude fats and in phosphorus were high and indicate a strong negative
connection between Carbovet and the correlation coefficients.
Keywords: activated charcoal; digestibility coefficients; pigs
Date published: 2022-06-28
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