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Sources of specific variance and genetic parameters of gaits quality in 2-years old horses from the East Bulgarian breed
Maya Popova, Ilyana Sabeva
Резюме: The aim of the present study was to establish the sources of specific variance and the genetic parameters
of gaits in 2-years old horses from the East Bulgarian breed. The basis for the study was the
data from the assessment of the gaits, walk, trot, free gallop and correctness of 228 East Bulgarian
horses tested for a period of 10 years. Tests for two-years old horses were conducted on two consecutive
days with a pre-adaptation period for one week. Preliminary selection was not applied to the
participants. The composition of judges was relatively constant. A 10-point score system with an accuracy
of 0.5 was used. The registration of the animals and traits was carried out by the East Bulgarian
Horse Association.
There were statistically proven sources of a specific variance as the family belonging of horses for
gaits, walk, gallop and correctness, and the mother’s line for correctness and gallop. Years of birth had
generated variation upon all of the studied traits, and the month of birth – on trot scores. Differences
due to gender differentiation were in favor of males. The best genetic potential was possessed by the
horses belonging to the families of Linia, Slavyanka, Ohota and Malta and the mares’ offspring originating
from the lines of Tihany, Devis Own, Ramzes and Tempelhuter.
The rate of additive variance was from a low to moderate for gaits in the aggregate (0.30–0.49),
walk (0.35–0.50), trot (0.18–0.35), and free gallop (0.35–0.08) and high for correctness (0.60–0.75).
There was an higher heritability value’s increasing the volume of progeny groups, except for the gallop.
Favorable from the breeding point of view were the established correlations between correctness
and trot (0.77) and between correctness and gallop (0.49).
Ключови думи: genetic parameters; horses; quality of gaits; sources of specific variance
Дата на публикуване: 2021-12-22
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