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Introducing objective criteria for the transformation of energy and protein along the feed-consumable-by-humans chain in pig farming through the Clark Energy Distribution and Clark Protein Transformation System
Dimo Penkov, Gergana Marcheva, Radka Nedeva, Valentin Katsarov
Резюме: AIM: to describe the methodology of calculating of Clarcs of energy distribution/protein transformation
along the trophic chain “fodder – carcass meat” (in the case – “fodder-meat from M. longissimus
dorsi”). METHODS: Experiment for fattening of 21 pigs (Danube white breed) from 30 to
110 kg live weight in 2 phases (30–60 and 60–110 kg). Controlled: Total fodder consumption, total
metabolizable energy and total crude protein consumption, total weight and chemical composition of
Musculus longissimus dorsi in the end of experiment. RESULTS: Clarc of energy distribution – CED
(MEfodder – GEmeat of M. longissimus dorsi) – 0.0014 (0.14%); Clarc of protein transformation –
CPT (CPfodder – CPmeat of M. Longissimus dorsi) – 0.0038 (0.38%).
Ключови думи: Clarc of energy distribution; Clarc of protein transformation; pigs fattening
Дата на публикуване: 2021-06-29
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