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Evaluation of the effect of abiotic factors on the weight development of young male breeding animals of the Ile de France breed in Bulgaria
Evgeniya Achkakanova, Genoveva Staykova
Резюме: Subject of the study were 123 purebred male lambs of the breed Ile de France. The animals were
born in the period 2017–2020 and were raised on three farms in the northern part of Bulgaria. Monitored
was the weight development of 123 male individuals from birth to 9 months. For this purpose,
the following traits were measured: live weight at birth, at 30 days, at 70 days and at 9 months. The average
daily gain of the animals realized in the studied periods was calculated. The data were obtained
from the Pedigree book of the breed. The variance analysis was made on the basis of a multifactor
linear-statistical model for each studied age. The studied factors inducing a specific variance were
year of birth, lambing season and farm. It was found that the year of birth had a significant effect on
the live weight trait of male lambs from the Ile de France breed up to 70 days of age. The farm factor
had a significant effect on live weight after 30 days, and the lambing season had an effect on all ages
studied. Depending on the farm, the realized gain by periods indicated a significant specific variance
after 30 days of age, the 30–70 day season and the year for the three studied periods. The average live
weight at birth was 5.193 kg, at 30 days – 15.766 kg, at 70 days – 30.739 kg and at 9 months – 68.910
kg. The average daily gain of male Ile de France lambs in the first month after birth was 0.362 kg,
0.387 kg up to 70 days and 0.192 kg between 70 days and 9 months of age. The obtained results for live
weight and gain from birth to 9 months of age confirmed the good adaptation of the breed in Bulgaria
and the opportunity for realization its potential for high growth intensity at an early age.
Ключови думи: average daily gain; farm; Ile de France sheep; live weight; season; year of birth
Дата на публикуване: 2021-06-08
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